Behavioural factors that influence learning

So, here is the test!

You have been on your own learning journey so far throughout the course.

Have you been taking action? Have you been responding to the questions in the workbook? Are the videos engaging? Is the content easy enough to understand?

If you are still with us, then congratulations! You are engaging in learning!

If you have whizzed through the course so far or skipped videos, do you need to return to a previous video or go back and make some personal reflections to help consolidate your understanding? Are you noticing any ways that your own preferences are helping or hindering you on this learning journey?

Workbook Exercise

Head into page 7 of your workbook.

Still reflecting on your own personal experiences with learning, either as an adult or as a child, think about how your behaviour (or lack of!) could have impacted your engagement.

Respond to the questions in the workbook.