What is coming next week?

Week 1 wrap up

The focus of this week has been on developing a deeper insight into the processes involved in effective learning, as well as the attributes that can impact this process. We learned about disengagement and the environmental, psychological and behavioural factors that impact learning. 

You completed the Learning Engagement questionnaire to provide insight and feedback on how your child is currently engaging in learning from your perspective. Your report will be emailed to you during this week. 

You may have reflected on your own learning experiences using the concept map to think about what could have been helping or hindering you as a learner throughout this week.

Please note: If you are participating in the free trial of this course, you will need to enrol the full course to access weeks 2 and 3. This includes obtaining the results of the Learning Engagement Tracker Report. To enrol in the full course, please click complete and continue above. You will then be prompted to "Enrol in the Course to Unlock".

What’s next?

Week 2 will be made available to you on the 8th August 2021 and you will receive an email notification letting you know the course is available. 

During week 2 you will be able to review the Learning Engagement Tracker and identify any learning engagement inhibitors. You will also be able to reflect on your expectations, your needs and wants as a parent and explore how to effectively communicate these with your child. You will also learn about how to deal with any potential disconnect as your child searches for more autonomy in their transition into adolescence. 

Please note: The learning engagement report requires at least 48 hours to be generated. Please consider this timeline as you wait for your report.

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